Computer Repairs


Today, no one can afford to have their computers down very long. Business needs to be conducted, and school papers need to be written. The computer has become that essential to our lives.


We can come to your office or home or you can bring your equipment to us and save yourself a trip charge. However, some difficult repairs, such as virus removal or data recovery, can only be done properly at our office.


We also are available after-hours and weekends for a little bit more to get you up and running. If needed, we can provide free loaner laptop computer while yours is fixed. We strive to provide extremely fast service. No repairs take more than 3 days, and we often can get you up and running the very same day.


How Can We Help You?

  • Most repairs completed in 3 days or less
  • Same-day service available
  • On-site repairs within 2 hours or less
  • Free loaner computers


Computer Upgrades


Many individuals already own computers that were thoughtfully selected at one time. But computers become outdated from the newer operating systems and software programs that run on them. You then have two options:

  • Upgrade your computer
  • Buy a new computer


Huskies Computer Repair and Consulting can help you decide on which route to take. Although computers are relatively inexpensive, there are some overlooked costs associated with buying a new computer.


Your PC contains documents, pictures, music, e-mail messages, an address book, bookmarked web sites, and all the customization you've struggled to get just right over the years. Moving to another computer can be painful.

It may be more affordable to stay the course with your current PC. Some simple upgrades can reap large rewards. For example, adding memory and performing a tune-up can be a great way to speed up your aging computer. Installing a larger hard drive can give you years of additional use as you add more music and pictures. However, you don't want to throw good money at older computer also.For example, if you need a better video card for a computer game, you may have to also get higher-wattage power supply. Sometimes, a larger hard drive may not be supported by your aging computer. At that point, you may want to consider other options.


Should You Upgrade? Questions to ask yourself…… 

  • Can you afford a new computer right now?
  • How many levels of technology have you passed up since you bought your current PC?
  • How often does your PC make you feel limited in what you can do?
  • If you have to improve your PC, does it involve making several hardware and software purchases?
  • How much time are you willing to devote to upgrading your PC?
  • What demands will your software or hardware upgrade make on your entire system?
  • Would a whole new PC, not a upgrade, better satisfy your heart's desires?