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If you have seen this image or other popups. You have spyware. We have become specialists in removing spyware. With our proprietary process, we can remove viruses and spyware without losing any of your files.


What is Spyware It is a generic name for small software programs that get installed onto your computer that monitors your computer and Internet use. Spyware slows down your computer, your network, and your Internet speed. It comes in several flavors:


Adware is a type of spyware that watches what websites you go to and displays pop-up ads. Adware is usually embedded in "free" software you may install.

Malware is spyware that is downright dangerous. It include keyloggers that try to capture credit card and Social Security numbers and transmit them to a third party. Others are called browser hijackers, which change your browser's home page to somewhere else and is almost impossible to change back. Trojan horses let hackers not only track your behavior but even taken control of your computer.

  • Music-sharing software (e.g. Kazaa, BearShare, Grokster)
  • Online ordering enhancements (e.g. Gator eWallet)
  • Download or Internet accelerators (e.g. Download Accelerator)
  • Coupon offers (e.g. SaveNow, ebates)
  • Internet browser add-ons (e.g. HotBar, Coolbar, MySearchBar)

Spyware Symptoms. The signs that you are infected with spyware are:

  • Slow or freezing computer.
  • Slower-than-usual Internet or network speed.
  • Several ads popping up (popup ads) on your computer.
  • Your home page is changed to an unfamiliar one and cannot be changed back (browser hijacking)
  • Your Internet browser locks up or gives errors.

Removing Spyware Spyware is not a computer virus and therefore cannot be stopped by antivirus software. Deleting your Internet cookies helps thwart spyware but does not get rid of it. You may install a popup ad blocker but you are merely treating the symptom, not the disease. The spyware is still slowing down your computer. Some spyware removal tools you may come across are fronts for more spyware or simply a waste of money. We often use a half-dozen tools and manual labor to remove spyware and prevent future spyware problems.