Wired and Wireless Networks


Many homes have a LAN, to increase the benefits they receive from their investment in standalone computers. A network allows you to share printers, access to the Internet, and - your most important asset - data.


We work with both wired and wireless networks. We also help you make the network secure so others cannot get to your information or siphon off your Internet. We have training in wireless networking and can recommend backup solutions so your network data is safe.


Huskies Computer Repair and Consulting provides small to medium-sized networks, including peer-to-peer networks between as little as two computers to offices with up to 100 computers. We work with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista and WIndows 7.


Network Benefits

  • Reduce costs by sharing high-speed Internet service, printers, and storage
  • Simplify and guarantee backing up of critical data by having it all in one place
  • Ease transfer of files between computers
  • Reduce software costs by sharing licensed copies over the network
  • Improve communication through e-mail