Save Money with Used Computers


Huskies Computer Repair and Consulting often buys computer equipment from our customers. We also have colleagues who get wholesale lots of used business computer equipment. We refurbish this equipment for sale to you.


When we refurbish a used computer, we remove dust and debris, replace the thermal grease and other items as needed. The hard drive and other components are thoroughly tested and cleaned. We then re-install Windows along with all of the accessories and utilities needed, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, Flash Player, and more. We ensure each computer has the latest updates and patches before it leaves our office.


We back most of our used equipment with a 90-day warranty and can help transfer your files to the used computer to get you up and running quickly.


New Computers


Huskies Computer Repair and Consulting’s systems are also tailored to your individual needs. Whereas a computer you buy from a superstore may have been sitting in a warehouse for years. Our computers are made from the most recent parts from our distributors. Also, our Windows XP and Windows 7 systems feature custom enhancements to provide a balance of reliability and speed.


We ensure each computer has the most recent software for Windows and all of the hardware to reduce any chance of incompatibility. If desired, we can recycle parts from your old computer to cut costs. We also can give you credit for your old equipment. We are experts at transferring your files, e-mail, favorites and other files to the new computer. We then can securely erase your old hard drive to protect your privacy.


Huskies Computer Repair and Consulting's Computers Gives You:

  • Business-quality components for longevity and less aggravation.
  • The most recent software for the motherboard, video card, printer, etc. for reliability.
  • All Windows XP/Windows 7 service patches installed for the most security.
  • No trial or promotional software that slows down the computer.
  • Transfer of your files to the new computer to minimize down time and frustration.
  • Credit for your old equipment.
  • Protection and erasure of your most private files.